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Space Center Houston Admission Ticket

Houston Space Center Tour

Houston Space Center Tour

Space Center Houston is THE place to go to experience space - from its dramatic history and exciting present to its compelling future.

Space Center Houston is the only place on Earth that gives guests an out-of-this-world journey through human adventures into space.

Space Center Houston's unparalleled exhibits, attractions, special presentations and hands-on activities tell the story of NASA's manned space flight program.

SCH is the only place in the world where visitors can see astronauts train for missions, touch a real moon rock, land a shuttle, and take a behind-the-scenes tour of NASA.

At Space Center Houston, guests can understand the past, experience the present, and be a part of the future of the Space Program.

Space Center Houston Admission Ticket
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With this behind-the-scenes journey through NASA's Johnson Space Center, you may visit the Historic Mission Control Center, the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility or the current Mission Control Center. Before returning to Space Center Houston, you can visit the "all new" Saturn V Complex at Rocket Park. Occasionally, the tour may visit other facilities, such as the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory. You may even get to see astronauts training for upcoming missions.

PLEASE NOTE: The buildings visited on the tram tour are real working areas of Johnson Space Center and are subject to close without notice.


Kids Space Place was created for children of all ages who have always dreamed of experiencing the same things astronauts do in space. Interactive exhibits and themed area make exploring the different aspects of space and the manned space flight program loads of fun. Inside Kids Space Place, guests can explore and experiment commanding the space shuttle or living on the space station.

PLEASE NOTE: Age and/or height restrictions may apply on some activites.


The Astronaut Gallery is an unparalleled exhibit outside Mazda Theater featuring the world's best collection of spacesuits. Astronaut John Young's ejection suit and Judy Resnik's T-38 flightsuit are two of the many spacesuits on display. The walls of the Astronaut Gallery also contain portraits and crew photos of every U.S. astronaut who has flown in space.


The challenge of President John F. Kennedy, to put a man on the moon by the end of the 60's, had its beginning several decades before the formation of NASA. As the guests have seen in other parts of Space Center Houston, the equipment and the technology have been developing since Robert Goddard's time. This attraction shows the excitement, the commitment and the risks taken by the people who fly in space. Here we can see the evolution of the equipment and the training of the men and women who dreamed to be astronauts. Nearly 300 people have flown in space since the first Mercury rocket took off in May 1961 with astronaut Alan Shepard, Jr. on board. That first flight lasted only 15 minutes. Contrast that with the May 1992 flight of the Space Shuttle Endeavor. That mission duration was 9 days with 7 crew members on board. Other missions have been longer in duration depending on the tasks that they were given to do.

People of all ages are fascinated with what it takes to be an astronaut. Many have dreamed and planned and prepared for years to become one. The class of 1992 had over 2000 applications of which 87 people were interviewed. From the 87, 19 US citizens and 6 international candidates were selected. There are requirements for education, physical and psychological fitness that must be met before you can become an astronaut.

We want guests to experience first hand what it takes to be an astronaut. The film, shown on a 5-story tall screen, takes the viewer by the heart to bring them into the life of an astronaut from the time they receive notification of their acceptance into the training program to their first mission. The film goes behind the scenes and allows the viewers to experience weightlessness, view the earth from space and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow astronauts and crew members.


Visit the only place in the world where you can personally experience the thrill of launching into space like a real astronaut. It's not just a movie; it's the thrill of personally feeling the launch into space -- from the rocket boosters to the billowing exhaust. What have visitors said about their trips? "It's like IMAX in 10D!"

After docking at the International Space Station, guests enter the Blastoff Theater for an update on current shuttle missions, as well as details on the exploration of Mars.

The space program truly comes alive in the Mission Status Center, where Mission Briefing Officers provide live updates on current space flights and astronaut training activities. At any given time, they may look behind-the-scenes at Johnson Space Center (JSC) and other NASA facilities around the country to see astronauts train or see a shuttle launch via satellite link from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. During Missions, Mission Status Center shares communication between JSC's Mission Control and the astronauts orbiting on board the shuttle.


The Living in Space module simulates what life could be like for astronauts aboard the space station. A Mission Briefing Officer gives a live presentation on how astronauts live in a space environment. The presentation uses humor to show how the smallest tasks like showering and eating are complicated by a microgravity environment. A volunteer from the audience helps to prove the point. Beyond the Living in Space Module are 24 part task trainers that use sophisticated computer technology to provide visitors with the experience of landing the orbiter, retrieving a satellite or exploring the shuttle systems.


The journey into space begins with the film "On Human Destiny" at the Destiny Theater. Artifacts and hardware on display in the Starship Gallery trace the progression of America's Manned Space Flight. This incredible collection includes: an original model of the Goddard Rocket; the actual Mercury Atlas 9 "Faith 7" capsule flown by Gordon Cooper; the Gemini V Spacecraft piloted by Pete Conrad and Gordon Cooper; a Lunar Roving Vehicle Trainer, the Apollo 17 Command Module, the giant Skylab Trainer, and the Apollo-Soyuz Trainer.


Established as the Manned Spacecraft Center (MSC) in 1961, the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center (JSC) named in honor of the late President, is responsible for the design, development, and operation of human space flight. For more than three decades, JSC has been the world leader in human space flight operations for NASA.

The MSC opened in 1963 with Gemini IV as the first flight controlled here and became a hub of activity as the Gemini program ended and the Apollo program gained momentum. The Apollo program obtained the national goal, set by President Kennedy in 1961 of landing men on the Moon and returning them safely within the decade of the 1960s.

The eyes of the world were on Houston and the MSC on July 20, 1969 as Neil Armstrong reported from the lunar surface, "Houston, the Eagle has landed." Hours later, Armstrong descended the ladder of the Lunar Module (LM) "Eagle" proclaiming, "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind," as he took his historic first steps on the Moon's surface. Later, in 1973, the MSC was renamed the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center (JSC) and has been the heart of the manned space flight program ever since. Controlling flights from Gemini, Apollo, Skylab and the Apollo-Soyuz through the current Shuttle program is the responsibility of JSC scientists, engineers, astronauts and other staff members.

JSC is the Training base and home for our nation's astronauts and the site of Mission Control, where a talented cadre of flight controllers monitors the work of our women and men in space. The operations as JSC include the development, production and delivery of the Space Shuttle orbiters; the testing of spacecraft associated systems; the development and integration of experiments for human space flight activities; supporting scientific engineering and medical research; the selection and training of astronauts and the operation of human space flights.


REQUIRES MINIMUM 14-DAYS ADVANCE PURCHASE. You are purchasing actual admission tickets to Space Center Houston that must be mailed to you at an address in the USA or Canada only. THERE WILL BE NO E-TICKET SENT TO YOU. YOU MUST HAVE THE ACTUAL TICKETS FOR ADMISSION TO SPACE CENTER HOUSTON. If you are living outside the USA or Canada, we can mail your tickets to your lodging in the Houston area to be held for you on arrival. You must provide a mailing address in the USA or Canada where specifically requested on the Order Form. Tickets are good only during regular operating hours. Tours operate rain or shine. Large bags and backpacks are not permitted inside Space Center Houston. All other items are subject to search. If you leave Space Center Houston on the day of your visit and wish to return the same day, you must have your hand stamped as you exit and present your admission ticket again upon re-entry. As a guest of Space Center Houston, you are required to comply with the Center's safety rules and are cautioned to heed all warnings. Space Center Houston reserves the right to refuse admission or expel any person whose conduct is objectionable. By accepting admission with your ticket, you agree to release Space Center Houston and the seller of these tickets from all responsibility for any loss, injury or damage which may may incur as a guest at Space Center Houston. Space Center Houston is not responsible for any items left unattended.

14 DAYS MINIMUM ADVANCE BOOKING REQUIRED. This tour does not include a hotel pick-up. Prices include admission tickets and first class mailing. Child rate applies to children 4 to 11; 3 and under are free and do not require admission tickets. Please reserve online, or call us toll-free at 888-838-5894.

Photos courtesy Greater Houston Convention and Visitor's Bureau.


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